Readers' Rota


Readers’ Rota – January to June 2015
Feb 22nd
Junior Church
March 1st
Bronwen Roberts
March 8th
Esme Mason
March 15th
Kelvin Johns
March 22nd
Junior Church
March 29th
Charles Twining
April 5th
Gill Street
April 12th
Andrew Kerr
April 19th
Mike Farley
April 26th
Junior Church
May 3rd
Heather Tucker
May 10th
Paul Parker
May 17th
Val Major
May 24th
Junior Church
May 31st
Ceri Street
June 7th
Chris Dunn
June 14th
Carole Clifford
June 21st
Hug Speirs
June 28th
Junior Church
Please arrange a swap if you cannot read on your appointed date and inform Bill Gardiner.
Stewards will continue to read at evening services.
Reading rota contact list:
Martin Griffiths 20707952
Rosemary Newman 01446 701072
Carole Clifford 20307911
Chris Dunn 20302679
Tony Farmer 20331591
Mike Farley 20701712
John Hines 20705437
Heather Tucker 20709296
Val Major 20313492
Esme Mason 20708867
Nicola and Mike Newton 20706305
Paul Parker 20700436
Bronwen Roberts 20302670
Gill and Ceri Street 20700133
Mavis Slaughter 20706884
Charles Twining 20707952
Hugh Speirs 20707223
Kelvin Johns 20707677
Ceri–Lou Newman 01446 406656